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Water Features

Water Features, Severn, MD A beautiful addition to any landscape, man-made waterfalls, and ponds designed and installed by Continental Landscaping, Inc. create a wonderful, relaxing environment. Small ponds to large multi-level waterfall installations are available for your home or commercial location. Imagine sitting on your back patio on the weekend and hearing the soft bubbling sound of a waterfall or fountain in a flower bed behind you. We would love to transform this dream into reality for you. We provide all types of water feature services in Central MD and surround areas, from waterfalls to ponds to fountains and more.

Custom Water Features Design & Installation

A unique water feature can turn an ordinary yard into a beautiful outdoor oasis. From adding a new water feature into your existing landscape to designing a brand-new yard with a stunning rock-laden water feature, we can do anything. With over 30 years of experience, we have the expertise in transforming your unique vision into reality. Running water has a naturally soothing and calming effect. We can water gardens in any design by installing lively koi ponds or beautiful waterfalls. As a full-service landscaping company serving Central MD and surrounding areas, we have experts that specialize in building custom features including water gardens, fountainscapes, infinity waterfalls, lifestyle ponds, and pond enhancements.

Water Gardens

Water gardens add value and sophistication. We design water gardens and features that also create habitat for:

  • Birds
  • Butterflies
  • Bees

And various critters. We can add a wide range of plant materials to your water garden to create the perfect paradise.


Fountains allow you to instantly add a beautiful and pleasing focal point to your landscape bed.

  • You can choose a fountain ranging from a simple one to an ornate one
  • We install everything from a stand-alone jet fountain to a bubbling fountain
  • We also offer urn-style bubbling fountains that create a calming sound and are available in marble or stone. We can design them to add
  • Our jet fountains make a more dramatic impact on your landscape
  • We can also complete the looks with the finishing touch of floating, submerged, or accent lights

Infinity Waterfalls

If your landscape doesn’t have enough space for a full pond, we can create a low-maintenance infinity waterfall. In this design, the water stays below the rock and gravel fill. These are self-reliant water features. We can also design them in a way allowing you to incorporate a full-sized pond if you ever need it in the future.

Lifestyle Ponds

If you have lots of outdoor space, we can design a lifestyle pond that can create an amazing look and feel. The perfect pond can transform your outdoor area into a spot for relaxation and spending quality time with friends and family. We can also help you bring a few of your favorite locations to your backyards, whether it is a lake or a beach. We design different types of ponds including goldfish ponds and koi ponds. The koi pond is an excellent choice for those who prefer adding more fish and plants. Some of the pond enhancements that we offer include:

  • River gravel
  • Mountain boulders
  • Fish & fish caves
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • Plants such as water lilies, hardy and tropical plants, and shade-providing plants

We can also design and install landscape streams on your property. Even if you have existing water features, we can add new elements or upgrade them to improve their functionality and beauty.

If you need more information about our water features and landscaping solutions, call Continental Landscaping, Inc. at 410-969-8260. We serve residential and commercial clients throughout Severn, MD, and the surrounding areas. You may also write to us using this Contact Us page.
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